Entry #28

Looking for sponsorship!

2015-05-30 18:14:21 by MakeGamesHappen

So, I am giving priority to Spill Games because I feel like I wasted one of their employee's time
with Atomic Alice, which I thought would be ready for them to sponsor... But wasn't.
I took a break from Atomic Alice to make this awesome sparkly clicker game.
It took me 24 days of coding.

Here are some calculations for what I would need to make from this game for it to be worth it:
24Days * 8Hours * $10Rate == $1,920.00

Alternatively, lets say I completely suck as a coder and anyone could do what I do.
Federal minumum wage is $7.25/hour:
24Days * 8Hours * $7.25Rate == $1,392.00

Screen Shots:









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2015-06-06 20:46:30

Not getting any comments on your post either huh? So you're looking for a sponsorship? Sweet! That's actually not a bad idea. Good luck! :D

MakeGamesHappen responds:

I doubt the game will be very successful. But the goal was to finish it in a timely manner and have it look professional and polished. Think I hit that goal.

-John Mark


2015-06-11 20:44:52

Don't think that anyone can do what you do. There aren't many people in the world who can code at all.

MakeGamesHappen responds:

Game coding is pretty hard. Though I think the best products come from teams.
At minimum: Programmer, Designer, and Artist.
-John Mark