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Rift Title Screen Rift Title Screen

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Neeto. Do you hav a prototype yet?
-John Mark

123mine123 responds:

Haha! I haven't even played the game yet.
Don't worry though. I think they gunna upload it later. C:
Edit: PShsoifnhsof Newgrounds version delayed. :c
It will come...eventually.

Dragon Side View 2004 Dragon Side View 2004

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Reminds me of something made in deviant art's dragon maker.
Also, I have to be hard on you. Because I want you to be hard on me.
(-John Mark)

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VinnitoElito responds:

I was banned from DeviantArt back when I was a teenager. I uploaded some art and did not visit the website for over 5 years, and they stated that refusing to use their website was enough to constitute a ban. Humorously, ever since then, I haven't been back there.
I do not know what this dragon maker you talk of, but I do know, if anything, this criticism is helpful. It tells me you want my drawings to be more unique and original... that you don't want it to resemble other forms of art. Sadly, you ask of me to make my art not look like art I've never seen... If I never saw the art, how can I effectively make my art different than it?

Sword Shrine Sword Shrine

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Everything is worked up to a consistent level of polish.
This caught my eye on my feed.
What are you using to get those colors to blend that way?
It looks more like watercolor than digital.

(-John Mark)

Yomiel responds:

Hey, glad it got your attention! :)
> Grayscale drawing, Colored in photoshop over a "color" effect layer, with a bit of blurring and a canvas texture filter.