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Looking for sponsorship!

2015-05-30 18:14:21 by MakeGamesHappen

So, I am giving priority to Spill Games because I feel like I wasted one of their employee's time
with Atomic Alice, which I thought would be ready for them to sponsor... But wasn't.
I took a break from Atomic Alice to make this awesome sparkly clicker game.
It took me 24 days of coding.

Here are some calculations for what I would need to make from this game for it to be worth it:
24Days * 8Hours * $10Rate == $1,920.00

Alternatively, lets say I completely suck as a coder and anyone could do what I do.
Federal minumum wage is $7.25/hour:
24Days * 8Hours * $7.25Rate == $1,392.00

Screen Shots:








Introducing: Midground W/ Effects

2015-05-03 09:18:52 by MakeGamesHappen



Getting a bit cut-throat in order to finish project DONT_TOUCH_THE_BUTTON:
Here are some items that have been demoted to my WANT but NOT necessary list:
1. Pusedogenerated checksum keys to prevent game-shark style hacking of score.
2. Blood Splatter on the MidGround
3. Pre-Loader Switch Board (Worry about this when you have one other finished game.)
4. Pure-Idler style game. Game will NOT progress if you have the window closed.
5. Random falling exploding crates of self-destruction.

We are still working on Atomic Alice! Here are screen shots of the BG work.

More info about this in our blog post:

Way too buff

2015-04-13 13:32:51 by MakeGamesHappen

Way Too Buff

My old level designer for Atomic Alice is working on his own project.
Here is a link to his blog:
Here is a link to a demo of what he has so far.
Not much yet. But I see a lot of potential here.


Unity Asset Store

2015-02-28 20:36:21 by MakeGamesHappen

My artist Matthew has been working on some awesome stuff on the side.
Check it out!!/content/30746

Awesome Swords And Stuff

Final Billboard Font:

2014-12-15 20:23:54 by MakeGamesHappen

Atomic Alice Vs Prozak


2014-12-15 18:59:58 by MakeGamesHappen

Atomic Alice Intro

A bit of a delay.

2014-12-15 07:54:35 by MakeGamesHappen

There are a few fixes and changes I need to make before the new beta is passable for release.
Here is a screen shot of some of the progress:
Atomic Alice ScreenShot


2014-12-12 21:22:31 by MakeGamesHappen

Beta12 will be comming SUNDAY after I get it approved by the rest of my team.

New features:
1. Decal text on walls.
2. New enemy types that spawn from crates.
3. Some enemies have dialog lines.
4. Fancy Atomic Oribital pattern that grows as you collect orbs.
5. Locking gates that slide open if you have a key/orb to open them.
6. A variety of fixed glitches.
7. Really cool menu effect.
8. 50+ new levels with branching paths.

NOTE: The "ABC" level sets are the ones that experiment a bit with branching paths.
I wouldn't consider them finalized yet. If you find any soft-locks in the levels, let me know.

-John Mark


2014-10-13 18:19:07 by MakeGamesHappen


Atomic Alice Editor Call To Action

When building something great, you can't do it alone.
Right now, I need some extra help with level design.
If you contribute, I will put a star next to your name in the credits.
Marking you as a special contributor.

Every time I have different people make levels. I always see something new and interesting.
Everyone brings their own flavor of level design to the table. I would like to have more of that variety in
our game. With your help, we can make this happen.